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Entries are now Open for the Paul Hutchins Loan Center “Hunchee Run”.

21th October

Round 6 Magic 93.1 FM Chamionship series.

Entries close on 6th of October at 9pm.

Scrutineering 7.00am – 9.00am – out the front of the Renmark Club

Drivers Brief 9:30am

Racing starts at 10am



What does it take to to get a boat ready for the Sports class? Check out this video by Red Bull featuring Adam and Trev

Riverland Dinghy Club 2017 Season

Round 1 – Dash 4 Cash February 3rd

Round 2 – Dinghy Derby February 5th

Round 3 – Circuit Race March 25th

Round 4 – Amazon Sprint June 17th

Round 5 – Enduro September 9th

Round 6 – Hunchee Run October 21st

Championship Presentation Dinner October 21st

2017 AGM  November 21st


Riverland Dinghy Club 2018 Season

Round 1 – Dash 4 Cash Friday 2nd February 2018

Round 2 – Dinghy Derby Sunday 4th February 2018

Round 3 – Circuit Race Saturday 24th March 2018

Round 4 – Amazon Sprint Sunday 10th June 2018

Round 5 – Enduro Race Saturday 22nd   September 2018

Round 6 – Hunchee Run Saturday 27th October 2018

Championship Presentation Dinner October 27th 2018

AGM Tuesday 27th November 2018

Riverland Dinghy Club 2019 Season

Round 1 – Dash 4 Cash Friday 1st February 2019

Round 2 – Dinghy Derby Sunday 3rd February 2019

Round 3 – Circuit Race Saturday 23rd March 2019

Round 4 – Amazon Sprint Sunday 9th June 2019

Round 5 – Enduro Race Saturday 21st  September 2019

Round 6 – Hunchee Run Saturday 26th October 2019

Championship Presentation Dinner October 26th 2019

AGM Tuesday 26th November 2019


2017 Rules Admendments are available from the RDC Rules tab in the menu

View RDC Code of conduct here


Vision statement

To create a race experience that embodies a unique opportunity to continue the tradition of the Dinghy Derby established in 1981. We are dedicated to the highest quality of dinghy racing, delivered with a sense of friendliness, individual competition and club spirit.

Riverland Dinghy Club Mission Statement

We consider our Mission Statement a commitment to our club’s history established in 1981.

Our aim is to continue to provide a race experience that embodies the unique ideas of our founding members who were deeply passionate and competitive.

We are an open minded club – involving racers through leadership and individual acceptance, assisting them as role models to realise their full potential.

We do this by delivering race events that are carried out in a manner which secures and enhances the safety of participants, officials, spectators and the public and which allows the sport to strengthen and grow.

We seek to continually improve and be aware of our environment.


The Riverland Dinghy Club logo, Dinghy Derby, Code of Conduct and all Club and Competition Rules are protected by copyright. They are not to be used or reproduced in any form without consent from the Riverland Dinghy Club Inc.