30HP Sports

30hp Sports
a) Only one (1) engine permitted
b) Engine must be naturally aspirated (forced induction not permitted)
c) Engines which are not fuel injectionfrom factory are not permitted to use fuel injection.
14.1 Hull
(a) Open in design and construction material
(b) Can be strengthened and modified for safety
(c) Custom seat(s) permitted front seat may be removed
(d) Sufficient alternative floatation must be fitted to hull
(e) Bow must remain enclosed with sufficient floatation
(f) Boat must be fitted with sufficient floatation
(g) Engine trimming devices permitted
(h) Central keel and/or turning fins permitted
(i) Sides of Hull may be lowered or replaced
(j) Chines can be modified and turning fins may be added

14.2 Engine
(a) Can be modified internally: eg porting, head shaving, pistons, reeds, flywheel, exhaust, cylinder boring.
(b) Original Engine’s parts (eg: Carburettor, Crank Case, Crank, Rods, Reed Block, Fly wheel, Head) MUST BE USED and be original ‘manufacturer’s specified’ for engine make and model but can be modified.
(c) Engine cowling must have at least two secondary catches or latches fitted.

(d) Trumpets on carbies are allowed.
(e) Replacing standard head bolts with head studs is allowed.
(f) Fasteners may be replaced
(g) Piston, Rings, Reeds must be original ‘manufacturer’s specified’ for engine make and model or mass produced aftermarket equivalent for engine make and model (eg: Wiseco, Boyesen)
(h) Nose cones permitted
(i) Stabiliser fins on cavitations’ plate permitted
(j) No ‘one off ‘ custom manufactured parts to REPLACE genuine parts i.e. no minimum run for example 10 or 100 parts as this is not classed as mass produced
(k) Gear box may be fitted with two exhaust holes on either side of gear box above cav plate with a maximum diameter of 35mm
(l) Fuel line, fuel tank and fuel pump is open to modification or replacement
(m) Alternative head gaskets may be used e.g. copper head gasket
14.3 Cavitation Plate
(a) Cavitation plate height for all classes is measured by placing a 1200mm straight edge 600mm forward of transom (as in picture).
(b) Cavitation plate must be lower than the top of the straight edge when placed on the lowest planning surface of the boat hull, on at least one side of the cavitation plate. This is measured when the cavitation plate is parallel with the hull.
(c) This measurement must be correct when the trimming device fitted is being used.

(a) Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Brass or Composite through hub exhaust ONLY
(b) Propeller modifications permitted
(c) Re-bushing of propellers permitted.
14.5 Fuel
• Any fuel (not leaded) openly available to the general public.

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