Hoops 4WD Renmark Enduro

Hoop’s 4wd Renmark Enduro

Proudly sponsored by the team from Hoops 4wd Renmark, the Enduro is Round 5 of the Club’s Championship Series.  This race is run in the open river and creeks.

Racers compete in a two lap time trailed course, competing for double points.


Event Information

The race starts and finishes at the Renmark Club concluding with a Trophy presentation inside the club from 5.30pm allowing racers to remove their boats from the water and return to the club.  After the race the committee requires a period of time to finalise race positions, disputes and any possible scrutineering issues.   It is also important to allow spectators who have been upriver sufficient time to return to the club along with Duty Boat personnel and other volunteers who have worked tirelessly to run the event.


The Renmark Club and Balcony area are also ideal to have meal and view the race.


Grid starts will be in the following format.

Race 1 consists of  classes 300cc D, 30hp standard C 25hp E and 15hp F and are gridded at two minute intervals.

Approx 10 am start.

Race 2 consist’s of classes 30hp Sports A, 30hp Rookies R, 30hp Super Standards  B.

Approx 1230pm start.


Access to the viewing areas – Some key points to remember

Safety first, this is a powerboat race, please ensure safe seating distance from the water
NO Swimming is permitted in the closed water sections of the course during the specified closed water times
If using waterways to get to a viewing position, it is vital to get there in place before closed water times.
Please ensure no spectator boats are obstructing race course.  It is required that boats are parked in the main river and walking to a suitable viewing position.  Riverland Dinghy Club Sweep boat has the authority to request spectators to move boats as needed.
All Duty Boats have jurisdiction and spectators are obligated to follow any instructions given by RDC duty boats and officials.  Offenders will be reported to Marine and Harbours  Please respect the right of racers, and allow all competitors to finish the race before moving off.
So what do the different creeks have to offer?

Kylie Creek/Carnage Corner:
Distance to walk from the river 50m – 400m

Nelbuck Creek: Distance to walk from river 50m plus.
Ral Ral Creek: Accessable via road (Between Goolwa St and Darling St)
Bulyong Creek: Boat access only 5.2 k m long.


Closed Water Notification

Closed waters will be in place from  830am to Approx 3 30pm

During this period no boat movement is permitted.

RDC suggest that you make your way up river and settle down for the day allowing sufficient time to be in place, taking into account the closed water period and please observe the closed water restrictions when leaving your positions.  Sufficient time has been allowed between the race and the presentation at the club for everyone to be back in time.


Riverland Dinghy Club Merchandise

A large range of merchandise will be available for sale on the day at the merchandise stall.


Medical assistance

Event Medical Plus will be in attendance throughout the duration of the event.

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